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About TFT

Topless for TATAs is a non-profit 501(c)3 that raises Awareness and Funds for Breast Cancer Research! We believe in creating an event that allows individuals who love the outdoors and four-wheeling to join our family. We at Topless for TATAs believe that the best recipe for Breast Cancer Awareness includes such ingredients as a welcoming, family-like atmosphere and healthy love for four-wheeling. Combine that with the goal of raising funds for ongoing medical research and the result in an effective weapon in the Fight to end a horrific disease. In other words, we bring the Fight to the enemy!   In 2009 we started our event and raised funds for the American Cancer Society. We only had 65 4x4's that joined us BUT most importantly we started a tradition that continues today. In 2015 we had over 700 vehicles in attendance and raised $37,724.22 that was donated directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). To date, TFT raised $250K! 




We Are Everywhere!

Topless for TATAs hosts events all year long and has so much going on. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get the latest and greatest information first!